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Weekly Bible Studies

Current Sunday Morning Church Sermon Series

Sunday Night Dinner and Home Bible Study

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The corner of Stanislaus and M streets | Enter through door on M street.
Service Times
Sunday Morning Church Service
Sunday 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Home Bible Study | See pastor for location and details.
Sunday 5:00 pm
Cambodia Men's Online Bible Study | Open to HNC Men residing in Cambodia | Time Below is Indochina Time (ICT)
Tuesday 9:00 pm
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Traditional | Bible Teaching | Smaller Church Environment

There was a time when most churches in America were small and intimate. People knew each other, and the pastor knew them. In the 1960's and 1970's, something changed; the church growth movement cascaded to the forefront. If your church wasn't large and growing, something was wrong. The churches that followed all the rules of the church growth marketeers became cultural juggernauts to attract the unchurched, producing a war chest of cash and massive budgets. Many evangelical standouts have multiple campuses and a burgeoning staff rivaling most small and mid-size businesses. Some progressive churches added coffee shops, worship centers, smoke machines, purple lights, and programs galore. Choirs became old fashioned and a distant memory; it is possible that many people who attend church today have never heard a choir sing. There are no more choir directors or song leaders. Today's church service has turned into a concert led by the polished worship team; many of the songs have become unsingable. The so-called lead pastor, has dropped in-depth verse-by-verse Bible study for 20-minute-talks.

Ask yourself, are Christians today more Bible literate than they were 50 to 100 years ago?

We believe smaller churches (while not perfect either; we certainly are not) are a better model, and that Bible teaching should be the main focus. While we are not a King James Only church, it is the translation we use. We appreciate its literality and its use of varying singular and plural pronouns to help identify the recipient, e.g., Thee, ye, etc., rather than the standard all encompassing "you." Join us if you want to get back to the basics and escape the hype of the mega-church.

Traditional ~ Bible Teaching ~ Smaller Church Environment

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