May 01, 2019 Hope Now Bible Church | Fresno, CA

Never Again!

Never Again!

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." Psalm 122:6

Do not think for a moment that it could not happen again! Anti-semitism is on the rise, worldwide. Satan's goal is to destroy Israel. There is an epic spiritual battle playing out.

Today is the worldwide commemoration of Yom HaShoah, the commemoration of the Holocaust--when 6 million Jews were murdered by the Hitler and his German machine. Six million Jews are about half of all Jews living today!

President Trump recently announced the U.S. would commemorate Holocaust memorial week, through May 5. The world needs to remember this so it may never be repeated.

For Christians, we should have a pro-Israel theology. We should support candidates for public office who have a pro-Israel foreign policy. That leaves out some Republicans, but a lot of Democrats most all Socialists. The Bible informs us on how we should vote and who we should support for higher office.

Never again.