October 15, 2020 Roger Feenstra

Fight for Freedom Even in the Seemingly Little Things

Fight for Freedom Even in the Seemingly Little Things

Since a week before Labor Day I have traveled without a mask through seven airports, attended two conferences without wearing a mask. I have hugged people, maskless, sat in close contact with friends talking and even singing without a mask. I rode in elevators, with strangers without wearing a mask. I’ve wandered hotel lobbies, maskless...on and on.

Yet I am COVID free. Why? Because I wash my hands and avoid touching my face. I also cover my own cough or sneeze. In other words, I’m cautious and courteous. I practice the same preventative measures (to avoid catching any virus) I learned as a child.

COVID is real, I might get it someday, with a virus you never know. But, I could also get cancer, have a heart attack, experience kidney failure, get in a horrific car wreck, be a victim of a drive by shooting, choke on a piece of chicken...in other words, anything could happen.

I recommend not buying into the fear. Live your life like people have done for 6,000 years. Be responsible. Most importantly don’t let “The Dumbest Generation” of politicians and so-called health experts control your life. Fight for freedom, no matter how small the battle.

[UPDATE (October 25, 2021): One year after writing this I have continued to practice what I wrote above. To date, I remain virus free with a pure immune system. Don't give in to the fear. Live free and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.]