For those desiring to be a member of Hope Now Bible Church, here is what membership means. This is a reminder for those who are already members and helpful info for those wanting to join our church membership.

What Church membership means:

  • I am a believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior.
  • I am submitting to the Spiritual authority of the church.
  • I am mutually connected to the members of this body and have a primary obligation to their care.
  • I will be faithful to the assembly in attendance and financial support.
  • My lifestyle and language will honor the reputation of this body.
  • I recognize that I may be publicly called to account for sinful activity.

How to become a church member:

  • Your personal testimony through Baptism (or Letter of Recommendation from a former church based on Baptism)
  • Your acceptance of the membership standards (see above).
  • Your approval by the congregation.

Please contact a pastor with questions or your desire to join our church membership.